Wat ik doe

Translations – Books, documentation, help texts, websites and commercial texts of all kinds. Professional, reliable and on time. Modern translation tools and 35 years of experience.
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Print preparation – When documents are semi-automatically tagged with the correct formatting tags during writing or translation, it saves significantly in processing speed and layout costs.
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Design – Corporate identities, logos, websites, infograms, cartoons, etc. For companies and freelancers who want to market themselves effectively. Websites and blogs with their own design that are easy to keep up to date.
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Do more with Microsoft Word – Templates for house styles. Short or extensive macros for simple to complex operations in Word. Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Word is fully programmable. Time-consuming operations are reduced to seconds with a few lines of code.
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Align – Merge existing source and target texts, so you can store them in a translation memory. Using a so-called TMM or translation memory manager, you can access terms in context and ensure consistency. You can exchange your database with existing TMMs via TMX.
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Terminology management – The easiest way to keep track of terminology. Terminology is a science in itself but with some expertise and simple software, terms can be entered and tracked quickly and easily.
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Workflow translation projects – A well-structured setup is half the battle and guarantees a trouble-free victory. Moreover, every translation project is an investment in the future that continues to return on your investment long after completion.
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Editing and copywriting – Books, articles, web texts. Fast and accurate correction. Also rewriting texts for specific audiences and for the web, as well as optimization of web pages for search engines.
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Comtexxt – This app was born as a plugin to Microsoft Word and will soon be published as a stand-alone or web application. We are still looking for programmers, so if what you read on the page about Comtexxt appeals to you, please send us an email.
Click here for a page with more information about Comtexxt. See also this article about Comtexxt in Filter, a magazine (in Dutch) for translators.